How to start your career?

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Congratulations! You have graduated. What’s next? How would you like to start your career?

  1. Job
  2. Continue earning the degrees

Let’s discuss each option to get the optimum solution.

1. Job:

Best option to exercise your degree. Also to, atleast, refund your undergrad fees and expenditures. Continue doing the following homework:

  • One page CV highlighting your degree and skills.
  • Subscriptions of job portals.
  • Calendar and opt National Aptitude Tests to fulfill application requirements.
  • Collecting online/part time certifications of various technical and project management software, workshops and seminars related to your field.

What industry demands?

Industry needs skills, professional qualification and more importantly Experience. Trying to secure a job without having any experience is almost an impossible thing unless and until you have some reference or come through aptitude tests.

Warning: Time gap creates depression!

So if you are not able to secure a job even after tightly following the above mentioned steps, then the next proven and fast track strategy is to start with an Internship.

Internship gives you a chance to get all those skills required by a particular industry and fills the gap fast. An experience of six months to one year makes you an ideal candidate for a beginner level job.

How to get your desired Internship fast?

  • Forget about the title/type of the job as the goal is to pave the way to start doing work. So under your main theme of an engineer (say), ready to work in any role or department either sales or field or design.
  • Ready to relocate.

Please note that without complying with the above points, following procedure is of no use.


  • Make a list of Industries, companies and businesses that come under your domain.

The bigger the list is, the more is the probability to win a desired internship.

Get help from

  • Yellow Pages, or 
  • search for ‘Industrial Estates’ and the factories operating in them, or
  • see the website of ‘Chamber of Commerce’, or
  • find ‘Industrial Associations, bodies or forums’. 

Complete the online applications, if required, by filling forms or posting CV.

Above all, a proven strategy is visiting the company in person; at least those who are in your town. So call them and ask permission to visit for an internship. A welcoming sound can be expected.

  • Follow up your applications.

Track your performance, both, by number of applications and followed ones’.

If above is implemented in letter and spirit, then you should hit your target within a week or two.

2. Continue earning the degrees:

Just graduated! So what are you doing in a post grad class? Mid-career professionals are expected here.

Many are making a serious mistake. My sincere advice is to either

Are you ready to unleash your full potential? I wish you good luck for your career.

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