Custom-tailored solutions: the pathway to sustainable income.

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If you are tired of applying for jobs and feeling depressed for not having any interview call, then here is good news:

Hiring in process in each City, District and Village.

Main duties:

  • Designing, maintaining, implementing, and improving instruments and systems for industrial, commercial & domestic purposes.

As part of the degree, you do various assignments, term projects and final year project. If you really mean the hard work that you have done so far, then do you dare to install it to the real field? Have you ever thought to monetize it? You sure should do, as you deserve it.

Follow these simple steps and start earning today.

Step 1: Identify the working area(s):

Some of the key areas are:

  • Residential Systems
  • Agricultural Systems
  • Academic Trainers
  • Medical Instruments
  • Commercial Systems (Industrial & Non-Industrial)

Step 2: Technology (Milestone):

You have to design the processor of your startup. Ideally, it should serve as many of the key areas as possible. For example: Remote Monitoring & Automation is the backbone of many services in almost all the systems. So if you target at least one application from each key area then you have 4 to 5 solutions ready for marketing. Now imagine the number of solutions with the addition of each milestone.

Load scheduling to health care systems, or improving the irrigation and cultivation systems; no matter what is already present in the market, the whole theory is to integrate that technology in your own way.

Let’s take a break and see the following example:

Follow the channel and start earning money

Step 3: Sales Strategy:

You need to convince people about the cost effectiveness of your solution that can boost their businesses or make the routine life easier. Earning trust by truly advocating the product is highly demanding and needs good communication skills.

A proven sales technique is doing research about your client. An approach with some draft calculations, drawings or designs of your offering increase your chances to win the project. Working in a group of the same discipline or across disciplines would definitely boost your chances to win large scale projects.

Another important point is to offer some catalyst to boost the ongoing process instead of suggesting something new. This is because any new idea needs some time for digestion and secondly, a bit more investment is required to lock it which, ultimately, may cause you to lose the client.

Use of social media platforms is a must. A good practice is to work on a few key platforms, depending on your target audience, rather than consuming resources on making multiple accounts.

If at this point you have started thinking about your projects database then

Congratulations! You are hired and your job is started right now.

Survey, Design and Earn.

How long does it take to earn?

Track the ratio of your contacts to the awarded projects. Is it 20:1, per week or per month or 30:1? So, automatically, it would give you an idea that

how many iterations you actually need to make your job sustainable.

Note that you are not going to get a fixed pay cheque by the end of month. But at the same time, working on an assigned project would give you a guaranteed income. Patience is the key factor as it would certainly take some time to get a stable income.

So are you ready to get a lot more done with a smart effort?

Discover your profitable idea to make a successful career.

Keep spreading the word as we grow with sharing.

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